surviv io 2 unblocked

Lightweight web-based alternatives to popular multiplayer titles are absolutely amazing. They don’t require downloading and installing any additional software. Consequently, users can join them from any computer with an Internet connection. Sadly, many schools and workplaces see that as a detriment to productivity. They intentionally create security barriers to prevent kids and employees from having fun. However, getting a browser game like Surviv IO 2 unblocked is not that difficult. This article will walk those interested through the necessary steps.

surviv io 2 unblocked

Breaking the Chains

Before getting to the meat of the matter, let’s do a quick overview. The goal of this top-down Battle Royale is to survive ruthless free-for-all skirmishes. Combatants land on a spacious island, collect ammunition and fend for themselves. Additionally, they have to be aware of the red zone that gradually shrinks the map. In the end, only one person will persevere and become the last player standing. The rounds are nice and short, and the action is fast-paced and engaging. Unsurprisingly, educational facilities and offices view addicting gameplay as a threat. Their admins go out of their way to render the project inaccessible. To bypass such restrictions, students and workers can try the following methods:

  • Using a different network, e.g. a smartphone’s hotspot. This option is only applicable to Wi-Fi-equipped machines.

  • Setting up a VPN or tweaking the DNS settings. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible due to issues related to account rights.

  • Creating a custom mirror that would pass regular firewall filters. Essentially, that means making an alternate route to the same source frame.

The latter trick has proven to be effective in a wide variety of situations. See detailed instructions below.

How to Get Surviv IO 2 Unblocked On Any PC

Most IT departments implement basic rulesets that ban specific domain names. Circumventing them is as simple as generating a new URL that hasn’t been blacklisted. And there is a handy user-friendly tool to accomplish that. Go to Google Sites and open the default template. Copy the link to the website of the product in question. Press the Embed button and paste the contents of the clipboard into the form. Publish the result under an innocent-looking address and enjoy unlimited access.

Hopefully, this information has shed some light on the matter. Upon making Surviv IO 2 unblocked, play it for free in Chrome or Firefox. Explore its memorable environments, kill opponents with awesome weapons, and have a blast.


surviv io 2 how to play

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