Play 2 Full screen 2 - 1 2 - 2 2 - 3 2: A Hooking 2D Arena 2 is a top-down multiplayer shooter in the battle royale genre. It was first developed in 2017 by Justin Kim and Nick Clark. Matches offered 3-5 minutes of intense experience and attracted tens of millions of fans. After such a huge success, the toy was noticed by a video game publisher Kongregate. It bought the adventure in 2019. Since then, the new owner has been releasing cool features and updates for users. Let’s dive into the title to learn more about its mechanics and better strategies.

Basic Rules

The gameplay attracts with its conceptual simplicity. When you enter the round, you jump from a plane with no armor or weapons. The playing ground has buildings, trees, bushes, lakes. Your goal is to grab something sharp or bullet-packed to attack other players. Useful items are hidden in loot crates everywhere. Apart from guns, there are helmets, armor vests, medkits, adrenaline injections, etc.

Any match has a no-go red zone surrounding the main grounds. It gradually shrinks, leaving limited safe space in the middle. But it doesn’t mean you can relax – other enemies also end up there. And they won’t be friendly, since only the last man standing wins.

Different modes help make the adventure interesting:

  • Enter the round on your own (Solo)

  • Find a partner (Duo)

  • Join a 4-membered team (Squad) 2: Tips and Tricks

Many users get frustrated about one strict rule: when you die, you die. There is no respawn in the game. This and ambition force players to improve their skills and get closer to victory. Check out useful tips:

  1. Loot all the time. Crates hide useful items that can give you an edge. They are littered chaotically around. Learn where to find the best and head there first.

  2. Be picky about weapons. There are lots of guns, some just look impressive. Analyze your gaming style and choose something that will allow you to benefit the most.

  3. Reach for better scope. It’s a special ability that can be found in crates. The bigger it is, the more you see. It’s strategically important to spot other fighters before they see you.

  4. Activate grenades and smokes. Newcomers usually underestimate such tools. They’re great to take enemies off guard or make others stop chasing you. It’s also a great hiding place for healing.

  5. Use walls to achieve a bouncing-off effect for bullets. If foes take cover, use the surroundings to your advantage. You don’t have to aim at your opponents to hit them.

Summing Up 2 is a decent shooter that will draw you into battles like a magnet. It has a huge community of players and arenas always filled with enemies. Enjoy it from a PC or smartphone and learn to fight even better!


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